Sunday, August 28, 2016

The curious yet epic adventures of Dylan Tyler

My name is Dylan Michael Tyler.  To most this would come across as an abnormal name.  In fact, kids in high school called me kids with three first names, and if I am being honest I respond to every name.  The only thing upsetting about this name is that when people ask me for my last name, and I give them the name Tyler.  They give me a look like I am stupid or something, and repeat the question.  Some would say i am bitter.  Especially when I found out the only reason I have this absurd name is, because my mother loved Dylan from the show 90210.

I do have other interesting things about me other then my name.  I have taken classes at four colleges.  The only reason I am at Washburn is, because my wife is a teacher at Highland Park Central.  If it were up to me I would still be bleeding a lot of red and blue at Kansas University.  I still manage to give my support from a half hour away.  The other reason I am still at Washburn is that when I did multiple transfers I lost about 72 credits.  So technically I am a super senior in my fifth year of college. I will say I am happy I found the degree of Mass Media: Public relations.  I plan on doing major city wide event planning someday, and the resources of Mass Media will indeed help. 

Hobbies that I have picked up while going to many colleges are of the following: Throwing frisbees and discs competitively, playing ping pong with the third best player in Missouri, and finally going to Funky Concerts in Lawrence, Kansas venues.

I am very much a bar guy.  Mainly for the reasons of music.  When I was at KU I fell in love with local music, and many genre's I quite frankly have never really heard before.  The other reason I go to bars is I thoroughly enjoy Kareoke.  The atmosphere, and randomosity of it all drives my young bones for excitement.

My home is an apartment off of Fairlawn, and other than my wife.  A beautiful calico cat lives with us.  This cat truly brings excitement to our home.  However, I also can't wait to move out of the apartment so I can get a dog.

I write with a lot of voice.  So how you imagined this being read is how I intended it.  I hope you enjoyed.  Now go find yourself, and enjoy life. 

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  1. Thanks for the intro. I, too, write with a lot of voice. I do not, however, have three first names. Happy Monday!