Sunday, August 28, 2016

abdullah alsobaihi

Hello, my name is Abdullah Alsobaihi, I am from Saudi Arabia I came to Kansas in 2011, I was at KU for 2 Years and I didn't really like the large class rooms and large campus and I heard about Washburn and I transfer in 2013. I live in Lawrence and come to Washburn everyday for school i really like Washburn because of how small it is and small class rooms, and the cost of it.. I love soccer I play it almost every day indoor and outdoor, I watch all soccer games male and female, I even watch teams play that I don't support, I just enjoy watching soccer. My major is Mass media Public Relations I just transferred  to this major this semester I changed my major a couple of time and I took classes in my old major and I wanted to change so I picked the closest majored to my old major, and it happened to be public relation

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  1. Thanks for the intro, Abdullah! I'm glad you like it here at Washburn - it's a great place to be! I'm looking forward to the rest of the semester. Will your blog be about soccer? We shall see!