Sunday, August 28, 2016

Joe Galvan

My Name is Joseph Galvan. But everyone calls me Joe. This is my junior year of college. This is my second semester at Washburn. I attended Allen County Community College my freshman year, and Independence Community College my sophomore year. And before that I attended and graduated from Topeka West High School. I transferred to Washburn second semester last year. I am currently a Mass Media Major. I have not yet decided what I what my emphasis to be, but I am leaning more towards advertising. I chose this class because obviously it is required for me to take, but I also find it interesting and beneficial to my education. Some of my interests include going to the gym, playing basketball, playing video games, and spending time with my friends and family. When I'm not at school, or at the gym, I work at Finish Line. It's a shoe store in the Westridge Mall. I am what you call a "sneakerhead". I have lived in Topeka my whole life. I hope to move far away from Kansas and travel the world someday. An interesting fact about me: I have a total of 9 siblings. I am the second oldest. Another fun fact: I take this same class with my girlfriend. But, this was unplanned. We realized we had the same class a week before the semester started.

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  1. Thanks for the introduction! I know a lot of people who love sneakers, but I've never heard the term "sneakerhead" before! You're teaching me something! Looking forward to a great semester.