Wednesday, November 2, 2016

one of the greatest football matches #8

I was about 15 years old this was maybe 8 or 9 years ago i dont really remember it exactly, but i remember me and my cousin would get together and watch every soccer game, we would watch the good teams play in England, Spain, Italy Germany, Saudi and a lot that i dont remember right now but we would get together one time at my house then the next time at his house. each one of us supports one team but we love soccer so much that we would watch the whole league and support other teams to win so they could play with the teams we really support. there is a league that called the Champion league every soccer lover knows about it and must watches it, it brings all the best teams in Europe and the compete together, and they would put maybe 4 teams in a group and who ever gets more points wins from these four teams then they take the winners and put them in smaller group etc, till there are tow teams remaining and who ever wins get the Champion league cup. there were two teams playing that day Manchester United VS Roma, Manchester is from England and Roma is from Italy so i wanted Manchester to win and he wanted Roma to win the game was one of the most beautiful and entertaining games i had ever seen in my life, Manchester won 7-1 it was crazy i couldn't sleep that night i kept thinking of the game the whole night it was amazing.  

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