Thursday, October 13, 2016

#6 My favorite soccer player

Thierry Henry is my favorite soccer player, I have a specific type of soccer players that I enjoy to watch, for example Henry is a legend he plays as a forward and the thing I enjoy about this player is he is energetic with good athleticism and respectful he plays clean and most importantly is that when he plays soccer you don't expect what will he do or how will he score he and I copy his style of playing skills I just enjoy him very much. Thierry Henry is from France he plays for the France national team, he is a striker, he was born on August 17 1977. when I first noticed Henry he was playing in England Arsenal team, but I support Barcelona I use to enjoy watching Arsenal play just to see him playing he spent 8 years at Arsenal he made his name a world class player and became and still remains the all time arsenal top scorer , he was named the player of the year twice , and the footballer of the year three times. the last two seasons in Arsenal Henry spent them as there captain leading them to the 2006 UEFA champions league final. In 2007 he moved to F.C. Barcelona it was the greatest thing that ever happened, he transferred there worth 24 million Euros, and he accomplished so much with them winning the champions league and more. In 2013 Henry transferred to the New York Red-Bulls, then one day they came to play against Sporting KC in Kansas, and I went there and met Thierry Henry it was a dream came true.

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