Thursday, October 6, 2016

#4 C.Ronaldo

who doesn't know Cristiano Ronaldo, if  you know about soccer or you don't, your going to know Ronaldo. Cristiano is the youngest out of 4 he is born in Portugal, his father was a gardener and his mother works as a cleaner and a cook, his father also drink a lot of alcohol, and one day he died from kidney problems. Ronaldo was playing soccer from a really young age, he would eat, drink, and sleep the game, he would skip meals and not eat just to play soccer he loved soccer so much that all he wanted as a young kid was to be a football player , he was recognized from people in there neighborhood that he was a good soccer player when he was 10 years old. when Ronaldo was 16 he signed with a Portugal team, then after that he became known in soccer. at the age of 16 he played against Manchester United and every one even the team he was playing against  were amazed by his performance in that game, after that game Manchester offered C.Ronaldos team 12 million euros for Ronaldo, it was a world record paying that much for a 16 year old. Ronaldo moved to Manchester and at the beginning of there games he played and did really good by scoring goals and helping them with the championship, he played with them till 2009, then Real Madrid gave Manchester 131 million euros for Ronaldo.

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  1. i did not know a lot about cristiano renaldo before i read your post but am glad to know a little bit more about who he was and who he is now