Monday, September 5, 2016

Intro Blog Post: Noah Rockett

Hello, my name is Noah Rockett and this is my introduction post for Mass Media Boot camp here at Washburn University. I'm from Wichita, Kansas and graduated Goddard Eisenhower High School in 2015, and I immediately picked to go to Washburn for its music program and smaller size. This is my second year at Washburn and my major is Undeclared, though throughout my first year I was a music major. I changed my major due to the regular schedule of starting at 8:00am and ending around 9:00pm, so now I'm having a much more laid back semester until I find what I like. Hopefully by next semester, I'll find and commit to a major. Even though I am undeclared, I have interest in the film and directing emphasis of mass media. This is because I want to work in the movie business, even my music major was part of this plan because I wanted to be a score writer. I want to be in movies but behind the scenes, such as sound engineer, sound mixer, and so on. A neighbor and friend of my Grandmother is a sound mixer for many major films such as "Incredibles" and "Star Trek: Into Darkness", and when we met he had me instantly hooked on the idea. So my plan after college is to find a nice apartment in LA and make it big behind the scenes with his good word. I'm glad to be taking a different class to my norm and the new challenges that come with it.

Teacher's Note: Saved as draft on August 27.

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  1. Hi Noah! Thanks for the introduction. Sound engineer sounds like an awesome job, and I love listening to movie soundtracks. The Harry Potter soundtracks are great, but one of my favorites is the soundtrack from Sunshine. Looking forward to the semester!